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Bets on multiple

With the multiple offer, you can have an increase of up to 70% for your multiple bets.
The site applies this offer to multiples with at least 3 selections and it is available both pre event and in Real Time, for ALL sports.
The total share of your multiple bet will be increased in this way:
Bet Type Increment
Triple 5%
Multiple 4 7.5%
Multiple 5 10%
Multiple 6 12.5%
Multiple 7 18%
Multiple 8 25%
Multiple 9 30%
Multiple 10 40%
Multiple 11 50%
Multiple 12 55%
Multiple 13 60%
Multiple 14+ to 70%

You have to note that the maximum amount obtainable for any winning multiple, including any increase, is € 10,000.

The site applies this offer to multiple both pre event and In-Play on any sport. Remember that this offer to be valid needs a minimum quota of 1.20.
The offer isn’t valid for Virtual Sports.

You have to notice that this offer is valid for all the bets placed from 18:00 CET of the 22 august 2016.
Regulation can’t be violated, otherwise the offer is not valid. The terms and conditions of Bet365 apply in addition to the conditions of this offer. In case of discrepancy between the regulation and conditions of this offer, these must be followed.
To take advantage of this promotion, you must be registered on the site, have an active and valid game account and, above all, you have to respect what is written in the rules. This applies to all promotions which can only be accessed if you own the explicit requirements.

To obtain the bonus, in this case, you have to follow what the site requires. Bet365 is one of the best site for the bonus, but you have to respect the rules if you want have free access to all the extra bonus that are studied for the players.

One of the main tasks of Bet365, leader in the betting industry, is to pamper the players, making even more tempting bets on games and on sports that they prefer.